William LaChance is a contemporary  artist from the US whose works vibrate with chromatic intensity and captivating visual dynamics.

Born in 1971 in St. Louis, Missouri, LaChance established himself on the art scene with his canvases that combine kaleidoscopic planes of bright colors and abstract gestures.

His work explores the intersection between formal art and influences from fashion, graphic design and nature, using diverse materials ranging from painting and printing to assemblage and couture.

LaChance has exhibited his works on a scale worldwide, notably at MadisonGallery in San Diego, Joshua Liner Gallery in New York and BEERS London. His talent has also been highlighted during international exhibitions such as the Art Athena International Contemporary Art Fair in Greece, the ChartArt Fair in Copenhagen as well as on projects in Berlin and Oslo

LaChance has also collaborated with Sarah Andelman (COLETTE PARIS), Pernod Ricard, Warby Parker, ISETAN TOKYO and Mira Mikati London . His works are part of prestigious collections, including those of NBC, the United States Federal Reserve and the University of Buenos Aires, attesting to his significant impact in the world of contemporary art.

Through his exhibitions and his varied projects, William LaChance continues to push back the limits of abstraction and representation, creating works that captivate and inspire viewers around the world.